Congratulations on becoming part of the STAMP 2023 Panto, Snow White. We are thrilled to have you on board!

Be sure to join our STAMP Green Group Facebook page, to keep up to date with the latest goings on. All of our Panto cast are a part of the group.

Below are your call dates and times.

Dancers Rehearsal Schedule

  • Monday 4th September - 6-8pm - Full read through, meet the cast.
  • Tuesday 5th September 6-8pm - “Reach” dance
  • Tuesday 26th September 6-8pm - “The boy does nothing” dance
  • Tuesday 10th October 6-8pm - “In the dark of the night” dance
  • Tuesday 24th October 6-8pm - “Magic” dance
  • Tuesday 7th November 6-8pm - Finale dance
    Further December dates TBC.

Tech/Dress Runs (On Stage)

  • Monday 18th Decmebr 5:30-9pm - Full tech dress run
  • Tuesday 19th Decmber 5:30-9pm - Full tech dress run


  • Wednesday 20th December 6pm call - Performance @7pm
  • Thursday 21st December 6pm call - Performance @7pm
  • Friday 22nd December 6pm call - Performance @7pm
  • Saturday 23rd December 1pm call - 2 Performances @2pm & 7pm

Finally, the £60 non-refundable payment to take part in this production, per participant is now due. Please click below to make this payment, and confirm your place. This payment must be completed by Monday 7th August 2023.