Below are answers to some of the questions that we have been asked regarding the return of our sessions.

Sessions will need to be booked in advance with your group leader, to ensure that capacity is maintained and that everyone who wants to attend is able to do so safely.

STAMP takes the safety of its members very seriously and we want to be able to return to a clean and safe space. We are doing all that we can to prepare the studio, ready for your return.

Temperature checks will take place for everyone attending a sessions, this includes all staff.

Q. Could we do a mini pantomime?

A. Not at this time, sessions will be workshop based

Q. How long will each session be and also how will it work with no singing or dancing due to aerosol exposure

A. We are looking at session of approx. 2hrs for Blue group, with a 30 minute deep clean of the studio prior to opening for next group, also hand sanitiser is now in place. We are following guidelines in regards to singing and dancing and as you are aware these are changing constantly.

Q. Would we be doing an actual show like a panto or a no music show or a musical or just a mini singing one? Also would there be auditions?

A. All session will be in workshop based, there will be music and drama involved again we will be following guidelines in regards to what will be acceptable, we will not be auditioning for any roles.

Q. Would the fees still be the same with the sessions being reduced?

A. In regards to Green Group we are looking to return to our normal sessions at the regular fees from August 3rd

Q. Since the children will be singing and dancing should it not be more than 1 metre as they will be breathing heavier (their breath will travel further) when dancing or singing.

A. We will be operating within the government guidelines of 1 metre plus. As near to 2 metres as are able.

Q. Will face masks be needed?

A. Masks can be worn at your own discretion but not compulsory

Q. Will the small groups of 8 be kept to the same kids all of the time or will they get mixed?

A. We are looking at small group workshops and these will be in bubbles similar to school and will remain in their own bubble for the workshops

Q. Will the mini sessions still be on a weekend?

A. We are looking just a two week model at the moment that does not include weekends, but we will look at returning to our weekends session from September.

Mini’s Suggested sessions

We are looking at two groups of 8 mornings: Group1: Monday & Wednesday and Group 2: Tuesday and Thursday. This is for two weeks so a total of four sessions per child. But this not confirmed at the moment. Lessons starting 3rd of August.

Blue Group Suggested sessions

We are looking at two groups of 8 in the afternoon : Group1: 12.00 till 2.00pm. Group 2: 2.30pm till 4.30pm. This is for two weeks so a total of ten sessions per child. But this not confirmed at the moment. Lessons starting 3rd of August.

Green Group Sessions

Seussical is currently postponed, Pantomime will also not take place this year. We will be working on performances for the Christmas period.

Other items that may be of concern

One of the main reasons for us to return is for our Stamp members to socialise once again with their friends.

Fees for session are not confirmed as yet as we need to look at how the sessions will run. We are looking 8 student per bubble, which allows enough social distancing. No parent will be allowed in the studio and we will social distancing outside before the studio will open.

We will also track and trace in place.

Payments will be cashless if possible payment will be via bacs, payment online or via contactless.