Our upcoming production for 2022 will be the 100 Minute Musical. The show will feature 4 musicals.

Each section will last for around 25 minutes and will incorporate key songs from each musical to tell the story in only a short space of time.

Expected production date: Saturday 21st May (Subject to Change).

YouTube Playlist of songs

Cast List

Full Name Honk Addams FamilyBring it On Beetlejuice
Adam McKeithEnsembleLucasRandallAdam
Adele FraserEnsembleWednesdayEnsembleDelia
Amelia DavisPenneySkylerEnsembleEnsemble
Beth BrennanEnsembleEnsembleNauticaLydia
Callum FordGeeseAncestorEnsembleEnsemble
Elle PurvisGeeseFesterEnsembleEnsemble
Emily WrightEnsembleMorticiaEnsembleBeetlejuice
Erin LangsdaleGeeseAncestorEnsembleEnsemble
Harvey JohnsonEnsembleGomezCameronDad
James CordialEnsemblePugsleyTwigEnsemble
Katelyn WhittleHenriettaAncestorEnsembleEnsemble
Libby TownsleyUglyEnsembleTylerEnsemble
Lily CookeEnsembleLurchEnsembleBarbara
Lucy RobsonDrakeEnsembleCampbellEnsemble
Luna PaolucciEnsembleAncestorBridgetEnsemble
Madie BerryIdaAncestorEnsembleEnsemble
Marcella LambDottEnsembleDanielleEnsemble
Mollie ClementsGraylagEnsembleLacienegaEnsemble
Molly BarrassGeeseGrandmaEnsembleEnsemble
Molly FeatherstoneEnsembleEnsembleEvaSky
Rebecca MooneyCatEnsembleStephenEnsemble

There will be other small parts in each musical that we will cast as we go!