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Welcome to the member registration page, this form MUST be completed by the parent or guardian of the member and must not be completed by any persons under the age of 18. The information provided will be used in the event of an emergency or important announcement and it’s important that it’s kept up to date.

You will receive a SMS whenever we post an update on the STAMP website that you need to see.

Please provide us with any further medical details that you believe we should know about.

I understand that it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to keep the information provided to STAMP up to date at all times and understand that failure to do so could result in the STAMP team not being able to contact a parent or guardian in an urgent situation. I also confirm that this form has been completed and checked by a parent or guardian of the member who it is associated with.

I agree to allow STAMP to take pictures/videos/media recordings of me/my child to use as they see fit, including use on promotional material and social media.

I confirm that I have read the terms of service for the STAMP website and agree to the terms set out. - Click here for full terms & conditions

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South Tyneside Academy of Musical Performance CIC,
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